Life Coaching

Life Coaching

What is Coaching?


Just as athletes have innate qualities and abilities that contribute to their overall performance, YOU have qualities and abilities that contribute to YOUR overall success and fulfilment.
A Life Coach is a professional relationship designed to enhance an individual’s ability to focus, make effective changes, achieve desired goals and maximize success and fulfilment in life.

Is Coaching for YOU?

Are self-limiting beliefs holding you back and keeping you from your greatest potential?

Are you in the right job? 

Are you on the right path?

What is your real life purpose?

Are you doing what you love?

Do you suffer from low self esteem, stress, anxiety?

Are you stuck in the same routine unable to move forward and live a more exciting and fulfilled life?

Are you living a life of your design based on your unique values and dreams or are you trapped in making a living?

Is there a gap between where you are now, and where you want to be?

Do you want to create more inspiration, passion and live the most fulfilling life imaginable?

Are you ready to take your life to the next level?

​Do you have extremely high standards for yourself and for those around you? Would you like to raise your own standards?

Do you want to make a major impact in the world?

Are you committed to being successful and doing whatever it takes to get there?

Are you open to new insights, breakthroughs and transformations?

Do you Love to Learn and Grow?​

​Is something missing in your life and you’re not sure what it is?

​Do you feel stuck or have difficulty making choices, balancing expectations, prioritising and moving forward with things that you know are important to you?

Your Coach

As a life coach and personal development strategist, I help my clients building the life they really want to be living through self discovery, self empowerment and by shifting their limiting belief system, by analysing their conscious and subconscious mind.

Together we build plans to achieve clarity, balance, creativity and a positive mindset. I help my clients to see and dream bigger, to attract abundance in all areas of their lives. I show them how to tap into their intuition, how to increase their manifestation potential, how to turn any adversity into opportunities and to realise how powerful and gifted they really are, ready then to start leaving a marvellous life. I provide support so that my clients can identify and bring out the skills, creativity and resources that they already have. I help people to get from where they are in their life to where they truly want to be. I believe in empowering people to attain all confidence they need to change their lives positively.


I will help you: 

-Expand beyond limits

-Remove your abundance blocks

-Make better decisions

-Empower your belief system

-Remove Psychological Resilience

-Get more focus, direction and purpose

-Manage your time and work more effectively

-Appreciate and acknowledge your skills, abilities and achievements

-Feel more confident, positive and optimistic

-Set and achieve goals​

-Clarify your values and understand what is important to you

-Achieve a good work-life balance



​We all want to live and work in ways that feel aligned with who we are and what really matters to us.

You can and you will! Become a happier, healthier, stronger YOU.

The Healing and Life Coaching treatments are guided by Maria Nicola Cristiano, a Reiki Master, Theta Healer, Access Consciousness Practitioner and Life Coach.

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